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Foot Arch Health

At Treasure Valley Foot and Ankle, we take foot arches very seriously. Though most of us think little of our foot arches until they bother us, maintaining good arch health is one of the more crucial focuses of the podiatry world. All over, podiatrists encourage their patients to care for their arches, but few seem to understand just how important this is. Fortunately, we decided to pull together some information to help you understand the importance of good foot arch health. In this article, we will give you all of the information that you need to make informed decisions for the sake of your feet!

The Importance of Good Foot Arch Health

Your arches play a valuable role in the overall comfort and support that your feet receive when you go outside for a walk. Ensuring that your arches stay healthy means that you will be able to count on them at the moment that you need to. There is a wide range of ways to harm your arches, and some of them are surprisingly simple.

Good arch health means that your feet will be able to absorb the impact of your actions. Whether it is supporting you when you take the dog out for a walk or when you run a marathon, your arches keep your feet safe and your body comfortable. Failing to maintain them can lead to problematic injuries and other issues down the line.

Effects of Poor Arch Health

Poor arch health can lead to a wide range of conditions that you will not want to deal with. The most commonly recognized outcome is “flat feet” which occur when your arch physically collapses. Flatfoot is a problem that occurs when your arch and lower leg health is suffering in some way. It can be caused by an actual injury or from poor maintenance over time. In some, it is more common than it is for others.

The reality is that failing to protect your arches will likely lead to one thing: pain. The majority of people who grapple with their arch health all end up visiting the local podiatrist because of the sheer discomfort. Since your arches play a vital role in most activities, it is not a particularly pleasant place to experience pain. Worse, it can lead to long-term implications depending on how severe the problem is.

How To Maintain Proper Arch Health

Maintaining your arch health is really a fairly dedicated process. There are a few easy ways to help support your arches so that they are prepared for anything that you might face. The most basic way to support your arches is to wear supportive shoes. With supportive shoes, you can rest easy with every step knowing that your arches are not being unnecessarily strained. This is one of the most passive ways to offer long-term arch support to your feet.

In addition to wearing supportive shoes, it is important to not put too much strain on your arches. Avoid spending too much time on your feet, straining your feet, or engaging in activities that put too much effort on them without proper training. Weight can also play a large role in arch health, so maintain a healthy body weight to support your arches even more.

How To Restore An Arch

Restoring an arch is a process that you should work on with a podiatrist, but it largely involves a series of exercises and stretches designed to passively strengthen your arch. Many people role a tennis ball or comparable device under their arch while others do arch lifts, or other orthopedic exercises. If you have concerns about your arches, ask your doctor for good ways to strengthen them.


Your arches play a vital role in the overall support of your body, which is why it is so important to take appropriate measures to support them. No matter how old you are or how active you are, you should take steps to ensure that your arches are able to get the support that they deserve. Remember, the right pair of shoes can go a long way. For any questions, feel free to contact Treasure Valley Foot and Ankle to discuss your podiatry needs!

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