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Don't Choose The Wrong Vacation Sandals

Going On Vacation? Your Sandal Choice Might Matter

As we head into the colder months once again, some of us will be heading off for a nice vacation. It is fairly common for people to run away from the cold and head somewhere nice and tropical. When you are sitting on the beach or enjoying some time in a sunny paradise, there are a few things that you will want to add to your wardrobe. In warm places, a lot of us like to default to wearing our favorite pair of sandals. While sandals are great for helping you to stay cool in warm weather, they can come with their fair share of problems. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of certain sandals for your upcoming trip.

New Sandals

In preparation for a vacation, a lot of us will run out and grab some new items. Whether you threw your sandals out at the end of summer because they were getting a bit old, or you just want a new pair for your beachy adventures, a new pair of sandals might be in order. While you can certainly snag a new pair of sandals for your trip, it is always important to remember that wearing new shoes for a lot of walking is almost always a bad idea. While it might not be a good time to break in your new sandals outside, you can still benefit from wearing them around the house for a bit each day so you don’t end up with sores.


Flip-flops are a preferred shoe choice by many beachgoers, but they can be good and bad. While flip-flops might work for your trip to the beach, you might not want to rely on them for all of the walking that you will be doing around town. Not only are flip-flops known for causing unpleasant sores around the straps, but they also completely lack arch support, which can be painful after a couple of hours. Even worse, these shoes are known to make people trip and make it easy for you to skin your foot, or end up stepping on something sharp. They can be fine for short periods of time, but don’t overdo it.

Slide-On Sandals

Like flip-flops, slide-on sandals only wrap around the front of your foot, but they do tend to offer more support. Choosing a pair with a thicker band over the front can keep them more securely on your feet and make it possible for you to find a little more protection. However, these are often still flat and not great for long walks.


Wedged sandals are a fan favorite, but they are really more for show than function. Wedges are elevated sandals that are known for causing the wearer to trip, slip, or even roll their ankle. While they can be great for dressing up an outfit, they aren’t always the best for extensive walking. Consider them for dinner, but nothing athletic.

Strapped Sandals

Strapped sandals, also known as strappy sandals and gladiator sandals, are known for their intricate design straps that make them a sight to behold. They can be a wonderful way to dress up an outfit, but depending on the width of the straps and the overall design, you might find them to be a little uncomfortable, particularly with long use. These are another shoe option that is great for fashion, but not ideal for long walks and function. Their straps are known to cause sores and other problems.

Sporty Sandals

Some sandals are designed for function more than fashion, but a lot of sporty sandals can actually be both. Sporty sandals are sandals that are often made for outdoor activities. They are good for walking through water, going on hikes, or even playing out in the grass with your furry best friend. These sandals, unlike their more fashionable counterparts, are known for being durable, waterproof, and supportive. They are ideal for long periods of time walking, time spent outside, and anything else that requires being on your feet. They even keep your feet cool at the same time!


Sandals are perfect for spending time outside on warm days, but the sandals you choose might influence how well you enjoy your trip. Remember to always take the time to find shoes that are comfortable and supportive if you plan to be on your feet. You will have a much better time and your feet will thank you for your consideration!

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